Design Works Crafts Yours Mine Handsome Beautiful pillowcases stamped for embroidery
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Design Works Crafts Yours & Mine Collection  Handsome & Beautiful T232171T Pillowcases Stamped for Embroidery

Design is stamped in a single color.  "Good Morning Beautiful"  and "Good Morning Handsome".  Includes easy to follow instructions for personalization.  Pillowcases can be stitched with enclosed red and black threads or choose your own colors.  Package contains:  Two Poly/Cotton Blend stamped pillowcases, floss,needle, easy to follow instructions.  Approximately 20" x 30".  Made in the USA by:  Design Works Crafts


  • Item #: 35-210
  • Manufacturer: Design Works Crafts

Design Works Handsome Beautiful Pillowcases Stamped Embroidery

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