Blueberry Backroads - The Mittens Were Hung Hand Embroidery Patterns
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Blueberry Backroads - The Mittens Were Hung 028 - hand embroidery applique patterns

Choose from four different small projects, two wall hangings and two pillows, that feature images of mittens.  Make them for Christmas but you could keep them around through the entirety of the winter season.  Choose from an image of row of mittens, with letters that spell "Peace", stretched between evergreen trees, or of a snowman holding three mittens that spell out "Joy".  Images can be entirely hand embroidered or a mix of embroidery and applique.  Peace trees:  9" x 10.25"  Snowman Joy:  7.5" x 9".  Includes instructions, paper applique patterns, full-size embroidery patterns (not an iron-on transfer).  

  • Item #: 26-101
  • Manufacturer: Blueberry Backroads

Blueberry Backroads - The Mittens Were Hung - Embroidery Pattern

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