Blueberry Backroads - Christmas Tea Towels - Hand embroidery patterns
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Blueberry Backroads - Christmas Tea Towels 039 - hand embroidery patterns

When you're decorating for the Christmas season, don't forget the kitchen. Embroider a set of these towels, not only to keep the space neat and tidy but merry and bright as well! One towel has a gingerbread boy and girl with the caption "Happy Holidays to you and yours" while the other has a decorated Christmas tree and the caption "We wish you a Merry Christmas. Includes instructions and designs. Please note that these are NOT iron on transfers and must be drawn onto your towels using your favorite method. 

  • Item #: 26-105
  • Manufacturer: Blueberry Backroads

Blueberry Backroads - Christmas Tea Towels - Embroidery Pattern

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